Musicianship for the Jazz Vocalist

A unique voice and piano system
Designed to empower all vocalists
to become ‘complete’ musicians



Nancy Marano is the only singer I know who could write this book. She is also a pianist and has created a unique vocal / piano system which will develop the ear of everyone who masters this material. Get the book, do the work, and become a more complete musician.” - BARRY HARRIS



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Nancy is the only singer I know who could write this book. Her vocal/piano system will develop the ear and basic skills of every singer who masters the material presented in these weekly lessons. Get the book, do the work, and feel good about becoming a more complete musician.


Nancy’s talent goes beyond the ordinary: a beautiful voice, great craftsmanship and musicianship. She accompanies herself and others as only a singer/pianist can. Nancy’s comprehensive book now makes this great artist’s priceless guidance available to jazz vocalists around the globe.

ANNIE ROSS - Jazz Vocalist & Composer

“I have never read a book on the art of singing - but if I wanted a book that explained all of the aspects of singing and ʻhearingʼ, this is the book I would treasure Not only is Nancy Marano a warm, vibrant voice in the world of music, but within these pages sheʼs given the complete explanation of all things musical. Nancy, I love you.

JON HENDRICKS - Jazz Vocalist & Composer

This book will be a valuable asset to any jazz singer as well as any teacher. There is a wealth of information and a lifetime of teaching experience within these pages. Nancy is a superb jazz musician, vocalist, pianist, and jazz educator. Listen to Nancy sing - you will know you are hearing a pro!

RICH DeROSA - Director of Jazz Arranging, UNT

Nancy Marano has created a truly comprehensive, step-by-step method that will bring any naturally talented, but untrained singer where he or she needs to be - in order to function as an equal peer among ‘instrumental’ musicians.

JEAN McCLELLAND (Teacher of Voice and Alexander Technique)

Nancy Marano brings to her teaching the very qualities that make her such a gifted and communicative singer: brilliant musicianship, authenticity, and a constant demand on herself to use her voice in the service of music. Nancy has a unique ability to inspire and empower her students to explore the full range of their abilities, no matter what their level of talent. To witness how rapidly her students improve is validation that Nancy Marano is among an elite group of master teachers.

JORIS TEEPE - Bassist, Director Prince Claus Jazz Conservatory . . .Holland

I have invited Nancy several times to teach workshops in Groningen. She is a fine musician and excellent role model for our vocalists. For me as an educator, Nancy’s book certainly fills the void that has been so absent in method books in ear development. It is an incredible source of material and concepts that should find a place in the jazz programs of every conservatory, and for every teacher who works with jazz vocalists.


ALEXIS COLE (Jazz Vocalist)

From our first lessons as a jazz vocal undergrad a decade ago, to our coaching sessions today, Nancy Marano continues to help me improve. She meets students where they are, capitalizing on their strengths and illuminating areas that need finessing. Her teaching style is concise and directly to the point. Her impeccable taste and flawless execution is a model for all singers. Her skill as a pianist puts her in a unique position to give singers the tools they need. Her passion, empathy and experience make her an inspiring mentor.

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KELLY ASH (Jazz Vocalist)

Nancy is the consummate jazz vocalist; a savvy improviser with immaculate musicianship and superb storytelling skills. Her gorgeous vocal sound is supported by solid technique... and to top it off, she's a great pianist! As a teacher she is a rare find — for me, she's provided the missing links that a serious jazz vocalist needs, including jazz piano and ear training for more interesting improvisation. Nancy can do it all; she is the complete package.

JOEP VAN WEERT (Vocalist - Holland)

I have studied with Nancy in the USA and in Holland, She is my heroine of jazz singing. In master classes, her knowledge and ability command the respect of everyone in the room. In a loving way, Nancy takes the time to listen, and with her wonderful sense of humor offers honest criticism in a way that makes the student feel safe and nurtured. I recommend attending her performance after your lesson. She walks the walk.

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Nancy offers 'IN-STUDIO' and ‘SKYPE' lessons.

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Voice/Piano/Musicianship Combined: 90 minutes
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