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“Marano has her own strong, effortless alto.  She is a true jazz singer.  She plays hob with the beat.  Her diction is immaculate.  She is not afraid of timbre or of striving for certain dangerous effects.  She has a big voice, but she handles it so deftly and coolly (she never seems to miss a note).”       WHITNEY BALLIETT, The New Yorker

“Ms. Marano is a superb jazz singer who can deliver a clear, measured interpretation of a ballad and then, without breaking the flow, embellish it with soaring rapid-fire improvisations.”          STEPHEN HOLDEN, The New York Times

“A bona fide jazz singer who is blessed with pinpoint intonation and a penchant for insouciant swing.  Her voice sparkles with Ella-like clarity and charm.  She scats with the aplomb of a veteran horn player.  And her diction is immaculate.  Indeed, Nancy Marano just may be contemporary jazzdom’s most accomplished female singer.”    CHUCK BERG

Nancy Marano’s solid singing makes you focus on the songs.  She possesses a rare clarity and splendid intonation.”      DANIEL GEWERTZ, Boston Herald

“She can swing like Ella.”      REX REED, New York Observer


“Nancy’s got musicianship, great sound and time, and she can sing with emotion.  She’s one of those world class spectacular singers.”    DAVE FRISHBERG

“I’ve always loved Nancy’s work.  In the musical world of today, with its terrible music, lyrics, etc., putting on Nancy’s CD is like sipping a chilled glass of good champagne after a very dry spell.  She’s so multi-talented, it makes me wonder how she can do all this – but do it she does – and beautifully. . . . Hooray for Nancy.”        ANNIE ROSS

Nancy Marano’s extraordinary album shows her talents as pianist, vocalist, and arranger.  And those wonderful musicians from Holland . . . Five Stars!      BLOSSOM DEARIE

Nancy Marano is a great jazz vocalist and a musician’s musician.  I just love to listen to Nancy because she is everything I’ve aspired to become.”         DICK OATTS

Nancy Marano is a singer with huge ears, a big heart, and a wonderful set of vocal cords.”     DENNY ZEITLIN